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Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

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he Administrative Appeals Tribunal provides independent merits review of a wide range of administrative decisions made by the Australian Government.
Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

What is a Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)?

Receiving a visa refusal, cancellation or intention to refuse a visa or cancel from DOHA is a distressing situation for any applicant.

Dux Immigration specialises in assisting applicants who have received a letter from DOHA stating their visa is subject to cancellation/refusal or has been refused/cancelled. Our expert advisors can assist applicants with their AAT/MRT appeals. 

Please contact Dux Immigration immediately if you receive a DOHA letter as some AAT/MRT decisions are not able to be appealed, and/or have strict review timelines.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) Appeals.
Who can appeal a decision with the AAT?

Anyone who has had a visa application denied or a visa revoked while physically in Australia can appeal to the AAT. If a family visa applicant is outside of Australia at the time of rejection, the family sponsor can appeal to the AAT.

When does the AAT review application have to be lodged?

If a visa application is denied while the applicant is onshore, the applicant has 21 days to file a review request with the AAT. If the visa applicant is in the United States at the time of the rejection, the sponsor must file a review application with the AAT within 70 days after the refusal decision. It is critical to submit a review application within the timeframe stated on the refusal notice, otherwise the chance to have the rejection reviewed would be gone.

What evidence is required at the AAT?

It differs based on the kind of visa application and the grounds for rejection or cancellation. If a partner visa application is denied due to a lack of evidence of the connection, for example, more evidence of the relationship must be acquired and submitted to the AAT.

Is an AAT hearing always required for family visa refusals or cancellations?

Occasionally, the AAT member assessing the rejection or cancellation is pleased with the applicant and sponsor’s submissions and evidence. The AAT may not schedule a hearing in some cases and instead make a conclusion based on the documents supplied.

Is a Migration Agent or a Lawyer required at the AAT?

While having a Migration Agent or a Lawyer represent you at the AAT is not required, it is strongly advised. When reviewing a decision, a Migration Agent or a Lawyer can advise on the chances of success and give help during the often arduous review procedure. An AAT hearing can sometimes be avoided if the matter is presented to the AAT by a Migration Agent or a Lawyer in the best possible light.