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Australian Visa Update: Changes You Need to Know (April 2024)

Australian Visa Updates with Dux Immigration and Australian flag

Looking to move to Australia? Here’s a breakdown of the four essential updates to Australia’s visa system happening in April 2024:

1. Potential Visa Ban for Certain Countries

Australia may soon limit visa applications from some countries. It is still being discussed, and something has yet to be finalized, but the idea is that Australia could block visas from countries that don’t take back their citizens when asked. It could affect people from places like Russia, Iran, and Iraq. We’ll wait and see if this becomes a law and how it might impact who can get an Australian visa. If this happens, it will increase the difficulties for Russia, Iran, and Iraq.

2. Easier Skilled Work Regional Visas (Subclass 491) for New South Wales

Great news for skilled workers looking to live and work in regional New South Wales! The requirements for the Subclass 491 visa (pathway 1) have been relaxed. It means getting nominated for this visa is easier if you have a skilled job in a regional area of New South Wales. The minimum work experience needed has been reduced from 12 to 6 months. This change makes it quicker for skilled migrants to qualify for this visa and helps regional areas find the workers required.

3. Tourist Visas No Longer a Pathway to Other Visas

Australia is cracking down on people who misuse tourist visas. In the past, some visitors would come to Australia on a tourist visa and then try to apply for a different visa, like a work visa or a family visa, while they were there. Instead, the Australian government can take legal action against such people.  It is no longer allowed. Australia is making sure people use tourist visas for the right reasons. Because Australia is one of the most beautiful countries– visit Australia as a tourist!

4. Increased Fees for Migration Skills Assessments

The cost of getting your skills assessed for certain Australian visas is increasing slightly. It isn’t clear for the people who want to go to Australia. It is to keep up with the general cost of living in Australia. The increase is only a few percent, but it’s something to remember when you’re budgeting for your visa application.

Getting Help with Your Australian Visa

These changes can complicate the visa process and reduce people’s interest in Australia. If you’re considering moving to Australia, it would be beneficial to talk to an agent of Dux Immigration. They can help you understand the latest visa requirements and choose the correct visa.

Remember, these are just some of the recent changes to Australian visas. But I recommend it. It’s always best to check the official Australian government website for the latest changes.

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