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Benefits of Using Services of Registered Migration in Australia

Did you know that immigration fraud has become very common throughout the world? Sadly, it is true. Still, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, as we are here to help you. With our partner visa Perth, family visa Perth, and Sponsor visa Perth, we can give informational tips and educational advice to help you eliminate all the scammers and con artists in Australia. Our cheap immigration lawyer in Perth enables you to have a safe and secure journey in Australia.

Here are several important factors to take into account while functioning with an immigration representative to protect you from fraud;

Your data on Perth immigration

If you have gotten an uninvited phone call or email from someone who introduces himself as an immigration professional, as you haven’t contacted them in the first place, it’s most likely to be a fraud. In the first place, it isn’t very certain to reach you first without your consent.

First of all, you should know about suspicious and fraudulent sites while you are searching online. If you enter the name of a website and it shows a different URL, it’s most likely to be a suspicious or fake site. In the address bar of any website requesting personal information, an icon with a lock will appear, and the website will begin with “https://.” The lock icon (s) describes that it is a safe site and any data entered is encrypted.

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Who is the representative of immigration?

There are only two types of persons who have the authority to represent the clients in return for a certain fee legally. They are cheap migration lawyers in Perth and immigration consultants. To verify their legitimacy and services, there are several factors to consider, as their roles are quite similar.

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers qualify only when they have completed their law school, completed 3 years of a law degree, and have passed the bar exam. Also, they have registered with the provincial bar organization. They have enough knowledge and post-secondary education and can defend you under any judicial review if your application is subject to the court.

Immigration Consultants

Immigration consultants are not exactly the lawyers. They also attend law school, but unlike lawyers, they usually complete a one-year degree program to become registered consultants for Australia Regulatory. They are given seven-digit ICCRC numbers, which you can use to confirm and verify their identity. Like lawyers, they cannot represent you in any court trial.

How can I know that the services they are offering are reliable?

First of all, check the qualifications of your immigration representative so you can avoid the high chances of scams. You can look at their provincial bar association registry to verify the lawyer. As for the consultant, you can verify them by their ICCRC number if you are interested.

There can be some red flags to be mindful of while you look up immigration services. It’s time to think when they cannot prove their identification or proof of their authority. If the representative is suspicious, there is no way to get approval for an immigration application to Australia. The case may seem simple; the judgment will always come down to the visa officer dealing with the case. The reason for that is that’s not possible. No one can be trusted who offers the promising acceptance or approval of an expedited route to it.

In the end, if an immigration lawyer or consultant asks you to pay in their bank account, it is a red flag. The reason is that a legitimate representative would have a corporate bank to transfer funds securely.

If you are still worried about immigration fraud, you can speak to our authorized representative, Usman Bashir, who will fully guide you. He has years of experience and has helped thousands of people so far. Dux Immigration specializes in Perth immigration, cheap family, and sponsor visas.

The biggest benefit you get from us is that you don’t have to worry about scams anymore, and if you still have any questions, you will receive a full refund for your payment.

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